Kenyan Shares on Being an Asylum Seeker in Germany

Mimi Berlin
Kenyan from Berlin, Mimi, who continues to fight for asylum seeker rights in Germany

Depending on who you ask, being an asylum seeker in Germany can either be described as heaven or hell on earth.

Although most people aren’t willing to confess they are asylum seekers, surprisingly, many Kenyans in Germany have been going to the media to share their stories. From the 17 year old Kenyan girl in Berlin; to the lady who came to Germany as an underage asylum seeker, to the lady who referred to asylum as being in a prison and the other who called it “a struggle” to Irene below who spoke to Deutsche Welle.

Irene has been living in Germany for the last 5 years as an asylum seeker, her request for asylum was denied and she therefore only gets a “Duldung” (direct translation is a Tolerance permit). She now has a daughter, Kelly, but their future is not secured as they can be deported at any time. She has to report to the Migration office (Ausländerbehörde) regularly, where she’s treated badly.

Anyone notice how the lady’s face is concealed but the child’s face isn’t?

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Interestingly, it seems Kenyan asylum seekers are the most vocal about fighting for their rights, despite the fact that Kenya is one of the few African countries with no recorded “war” since independence. (Read: Kenyan leads demonstration against Coupons for Asylum Seekers, Kenyan complains of Supermarkets not taking coupons, Fighting for the rights of Female Asylum Seekers)


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