Kenyan Asylum Seekers Go To Court Over Issuance of Coupon


Is it just me or does it look like only Kenyan asylum seekers are disturbed by the coupons. Seems every time you read about a group fighting against coupons, the leader(s) is usually Kenyan. 

Anyhu, last week three Kenyans and two Togoleses asylum seekers from Landkreis Oberhavel were in court complaining that the issuance of coupons to asylum seekers instead of money was an act against their human rights.

The social court in Neuruppin didn’t agree and ruled that it was legal and very human to issue coupons instead of money.

The asylum seekers weren’t pleased by this ruling and will be appealing this ruling.

One of the most vocal Kenyan asylum seekers in Germany against the coupons has been Patrick Kizito who has been in Germany for four years now (Read: Kenyan Shares the Struggles of being an asylum seeker). Another Kenyan who was in the media complaining about the coupons system was Mary Karanja (Read: Kenyan Asylum Seeker Complains of Supermarkets Keeping Change)

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