The Kamwaro Family Ends the Year on a Happy Note: Dr. Kamwaro Ties the Knot

Hassan Ole Kamwaro
Dr. Hassan Ole Kamwaro

We all encountered the Kamwaro family earlier this year in May, after it was found out that Dr. Hassan Kamwaro was the father to a Kenyan that had passed away in Köln.

Today, 1st of December 2013, Dr. Hassan Kamwaro, the former Transport and Licencing Board Chairman, tied the knot. Dr. Hassan who is 69 years old, married his 23 year old bride in a traditional ceremony in Narok today.

Dr. Kamwaro lost his first wife Regina in a tragic road accident. His second wife, Judith, disappeared without a trace a few years ago.

Dayton Kamwaro
Dayton Kamwaro

In July, Jenny’s brother Dayton (who had accompanied the father when they came to collect Jenny’s belongings) also tied the knot.

Jennifer Kamwaro, a Kenyan from Köln was found six weeks after her death in her apartment. A call on social media eventually found her family. She was the daughter of Dr. Kamwaro. Dr. Kamwaro together with his son, Dayton and daughter, Gladys, later travelled to Germany and organised for the return of Jennifer’s remains to Kenya for an appropriate fare well.

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