When Professors Prank Their Students

Lecture Hall

A Professor at the Uni Bonn recently decided to be funny and played this message for his students at the beginning of the lecture. I can totally relate. We once had a Professor call us to attention promising that the info he was discussing would be part of our exams. All of us very excited we sat listening keenly. Guess what video he played. This….

Now it seems our Prof has a brother teaching at the Uni Bonn, below is the message the Prof at the Uni Bonn played. The video is below the English translation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we’d like to have your attention as we make this very important announcement. Please make sure that your bag is stowed away properly and your chair is in its upright position. The table in front of you should only be used to place your learning materials and to offer support as you write.

Please end all your private conversations and listen keenly. Because important information shall be dispensed at anytime, you’re encouraged to concentrate on the happenings at the front of the lecture hall. This will only profit you in your pursuit for education.

Please turn off all your electronic gadgets. You can switch them all on immediately the lecture is over. We’d like to inform you that your cell phone’s ring tone should remain off during the whole lecture not unless you’d like to make others dislike you.

This room comes equipped with a so called Lecturer, that is the source of noise at the front of the room. If you listen to him, you might learn something.

The lecture hall is also equipped with several exit routes marked with green and white sign boards. In cases of doubt, please ask your colleagues.

Smoking is never allowed in the University buildings. This does not exclude the washrooms where smoking is extremely disgusting.

If your blood glucose level drops to below the critical point, don’t just fall on your seat. Instead get yourself a snack at the cafeteria and insert it into the hole below your nose.

Below your seat is a life vest. When instructed to do so, open the plastic pouch and remove the vest. Slip it over your head. Pass the straps around your waist and adjust at the front. To inflate the vest, pull firmly on the red cord. Of course this is not true but some professors have pointed out that you never listen anyways.

For more important information please refer to the Study Regulations, study guide and the Uni Bonn portal, Basis.

To begin the lecture, please sit upright and shut your mouth.

Thank you for listening and we wish you all the best in your studies.

Thank you for choosing to study at our institution.

Your University of Bonn

Watch the video below or click here to watch. Uni Bonn TV.

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