Kenyan Marathon Champion Speaks on Experience Learning How to Ski on the VOX Show


I wrote about the new show on VOX that will be featuring Kenyan marathon runners learning how to ski: Real Cool Runnings. So here is the first interview with one of the runners, Isaac.

Isaac is from Keiyo, he’s 1.67m tall and 62kg light. His best time is 8.40mins to run 3km and 1.26.20hrs to run 25km. (From Chox to Kamonde it’s 2km and we used to go for cross country.  The best time most of us had was 30mins….lol….mine was an hour 🙁 this guy runs 3km in less than 9minutes….respect!

Isaac loved playing football in high school but dreamt of joining the military like his older brother, unfortunately that dream was never realised. Two years after high school, he started running. He enjoyed it and decided to go professional, to do this he moved to Eldoret to get professional training at the Stadium.

What does it mean to you, being part of the “Real Cool Runnings Show”? 

I’m very happy and proud to be part of the Real Cool Runnings team. I’m focused on the goal and I look forward to giving my best.

How was your first time on ice?

I was very scared when I first stood on the ice. It was so slippery especially when I touched it with my hands.

Have you learnt a lot training with Anni Friesinger?

I could learn a lot from Anni already. I’ve become much better than at the beginning and every day I see more progress.

What is the biggest difference between Kenya and Germany?

The biggest difference I see is in the standard of living and the climate. It is much colder here.

What do you miss most?

Most of all I miss my family, my brother and his children.

Do you think you can achieve your goal to run the 100 km speed skating marathon?

We train hard and take the challenge very seriously. With more experience and the right technique, I believe that I can do it.

You can meet the team and watch some videos at: Real Cool Runnings on VOX or keep up with their activities on Facebook: Real Cool Runnings – Von Kenia auf Eis.

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