Officials from Christian Workers Movement of Kenya in Eichstätt

Gregor Maria Hanke, Peter Kungu, Tarcisio Njue and Sammy Kiviu
Visiting members of the Christian Workers Movement, (CWM, Christlichen Arbeiterbewegung) of Kenya and hosts from the Catholic Workers Movement (Katholischen Arbeitnehmerbewegung (KAB) of the Diocese of Eichstätt when they paid a courtesy call of the Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke.

Three officials from the Christian Workers Movement, (CWM) of Kenya, namely the National Secretary, Peter Kungu; and two members of the board of directors: Tarcisio Njue and Sammy Kiviu have been visiting the diocese of Eichstätt.

Peter Kungu from Ruiru, as a young banker joined the workers’ union but later changed to join the the youth movement of the CWM and subsequently the CWM. Sammy Kiviu comes from Embu where he is a farmer and has been active in the Ministry of Agriculture.  Tarcisio Njue is an entrepreneur from Meru and owns a small construction company with eight employees.

The team have been visiting different organisations within the diocese from in Triesdorf, Heideck, Bechhofen, Nürnberg to Ingolstadt. They visited African refugees in Buxheim-Tauberfeld; learnt about beekeeping and discussed the challenges of ensuring access to healthy food for all. They got to learn how the “Tafel” and the “Eine-Welt-Handel” function. The trip ended with an attendance at the 25th anniversary of the Christian Workers Help (Christlichen Arbeiterhilfe, CAH) in Neumarkt.

The partnership between the Christian Workers Movement, (CWM, Christlichen Arbeiterbewegung) of Kenya and the Catholic Workers Movement (Katholischen Arbeitnehmerbewegung (KAB) of the Diocese of Eichstätt, started in 2009. With the KAB visiting the Kenyan team in 2013 and extending an invitation this year.

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