Lufthansa Cargo Plane “Jambo Kenya” Lands at JKIA After its Maiden Flight

Lufthansa Jambo Kenya Cargo Plane
The Jambo Kenya Lufthansa Cargo Plane Boeing 777Fs landing at the JKIA this morning

The Lufthansa Cargo Plane christened, Jambo Kenya, landed in Nairobi this morning.

The idea to give the aircraft the greeting “Jambo Kenya” originated from the winning idea in a creative public competition held by Lufthansa Cargo to find a naming convention for its entire fleet in advance of the arrival of the 777. From the more than 40,000 potential aircraft names submitted to Lufthansa Cargo within six weeks, a jury with the involvement of the full Cargo Board opted for the central theme to “Say hello around the world”. Accordingly, all freighters in the Lufthansa Cargo fleet – both Boeing 777Fs and MD-11Fs – will henceforth be christened with greetings in more than 20 customary languages.

The “Jambo Kenya” greeting symbolises the significance of Africa as one of the most important growth markets for global air freight services and also illustrates the special bond between the air freight carrier and Nairobi. Lufthansa Cargo not only flies four times a week to Kenya’s capital, but is also deeply socially rooted there. The Cargo Human Care aid project set up in 2004 by MD-11F fleet chief Fokko Doyen has been supporting orphaned children in Nairobi for years and providing medical assistance day after day with the cooperation of doctors from all over Germany.

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