East Africans Take ALL Top Positions in the ITB Best Exhibitors Award

Kenya at the ITB in Berlin 2014
The Kenyan delegation receiving their award at the ITB 2014 in Berlin, led by Mr. Muriithi Ndegwa the CEO of the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB)

The ITB cited as the largest tourism trade fair in the world took place last week in Berlin.

As is tradition, the event ended with an awards ceremony where some of the exhibitors were feted. In the Africa category of best exhibitors, East African countries took all the top 3 positions. Rwanda has been the record holder for years having won the title in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Rwanda at the ITB 2014

Category Africa:
1. Rwanda
2. Burundi
3. Kenya
4. Egypt
5. Uganda
6. Namibia
7. Mauritius
8. Morocco
9. Algeria
10. South Africa

This time Kenya not only had representatives of the country but also some county representatives. You can read more on the ITB here: Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda Launch Single Tourist Visa and Kenya using Lupita Nyong’o to market itself at the ITB.

Burundi at the ITB 2014

Other winners were:

Category Germany
1.    Bayern
2.    Sachsen
3.    Düsseldorf/Köln/Bonn

Category Asia/Australia/Oceania
1.    Korea
2.    Malaysia
3.    Kazakhstan

Category Europe
1.    Austria
2.    Poland
3.    Puglia

Category Americas/The Caribbean
1.    Dominican Republic
2.    Peru
3.    Colombia

Category Near/Middle East
1.    Abu Dhabi
2.    Sharjah
3.    Ajman

Category Africa
1.    Rwanda
2.    Burundi
3.    Kenya

Category Hotel Business

1.    Design Hotels AG
2.    Tropical Island Holding GmbH
3.    Ringhotels

Category Carriers
1.    Deutsche Lufthansa AG
2.    DB Mobility Logistics GmbH
3.    Munich Airport

Category Travel Organisations

1.    L´Tur Tourismus AG
2.    ruf Reisen GmbH
3.    DER Touristik

Category Travel Support & Media
1.    Globetrotter Ausrüstung
2.    HRS Group
3.    Protel hotelsoftware   GmbH

Category NGOs & Non-Profit Institutionen

1.    Alte Schule Jugendreisen e.V.
2.    Medeat Project
3.    Bundesamt für Naturschutz/Bundeszollverwaltung


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