TU München Introduces Trial Study “Studium zum AusProbieren”

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According to a recent survey most University dropouts, dropout of the MINT study courses namely Mathematics, Computer Science (IT), Sciences and Technical courses like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc. (Read: Less than 50% of University students graduate in Germany)

The dropout rates are staggering, from 53% for Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, 55% for Mathematics and 47% for Computer Science. To reduce this, universities across Germany are contemplating ways to ensure that students make the correct decision before starting their University education. With 9500 courses offered across the country, and more students who are much younger deciding to go to Uni, it’s inevitable that most are overwhelmed when making the decision.

TU München, has started a new program that allows students who recently completed their Abitur, to be at the University for a semester getting to know the various courses offered before making a final decision. The program known as “Studium MINT” offers the students an orientation semester to learn about Engineering courses and also to learn how the University works. It’s offered in the summer semester to ensure that the students are able to start their studies in the Winter Semester after making a decision.

To those who might prefer a longer time to think about what they would like to study, TU Munich also offers another program, the “studium naturale“. This one takes a year and focuses on the general sciences.

Although this kind of program is nothing new and is also offered at the TU Berlin, it is the first time TU Munich is trying it out.


Application deadline: 15th March 2014


Course Structure:

Basis Modul –  encompasses mathematics and scientific basics. 

Navigations Modul – an overview of the faculties. The students take part in lectures, exercises, tutorials and lab experiments of the different study courses. They get to unteract with the proessors and other students.

Perspective Modul – students learn about the different career fields they can get involved in with a degree from the different courses. TUM puts the students in touch with TUM graduates and key players in the industry.

Project Modul – students learn the interdependence of the individual disciplines through a project

Soft-skills Modul – students learn on learning strategies, memory training, presentation skills and time management.


Application Process:

Requirements to get into the program are: 1. Have a University entry level exam 2. Hand in the application before the application deadline 15th March 2014.

You apply online at the TU Munich here.


More Info:

Studium MINT

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