Many Uniz making their Admission process strikter in preparation for the double Abi graudation classes

mixed classroom

If you aren’t aware, in NRW this year there will be 2 classes graduating with their Abi (this is the German equivalent of a KCSE, usually, check explanations here: German Education system Explained). This consequently means that the people applying for Uni will double due to this, then plus the increase in the numbers of foreigners who are streaming into Germany, this Winter Semester 2013/14 will be the most crowded ever in German history.

Due to the anticipation of the numerous applicants, many Universities in NRW are busy building extra lecture halls and facitilities to accomodate the new students. On top of the building they are also working on making it more difficult for students to get an admission to try and reduce the number of intakes. For popular courses, which are usually known as the Numerus Clausus (kama National schools za Kenya, only the best are allowed to join…..msirushe mawe pris).

Most of these courses now require at least a 1,7 to get in.

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