Government to Take Away Independence of Universities in NRW

Goethe Uni Frankfurt

The red-green cabinet in NRW has introduced new laws that aim to take away the independence of NRW based Universities from Wintersemester 2014/15. 

The new changes include:

  • 40% of the “leaders” in the University have to be women
  • introduction of “real” part time study courses
  • study courses review

Part Time course

The part time courses have to offer the same content as the full time courses which should at least take double the time as a full time course. This is aimed to allow better balancing of studies with having a family. Lectures and Labs should be offered in the evening and during the weekends, this will be putting into consideration the fact that 61% of the students today work in addition to going to Uni.

Female quota

The Minister of Science in NRW, Svenja Schulze (SPD), said that regulating the female quota in the leadership of the Universities will ensure the young women at the Uni also get a chance to lead. 50% of the graduands are female. She also called for transparency in the University leadership. The University Council will be responsible for overseeing the financial management.

Study courses review

The government also called for the review of the study courses offered to ensure that students graduate within the required time. The review will include reducing the amount covered and reducing the number of exams students have to take.

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