NRW Universities Use Facebook Chat (in German and English) to Advice Potential Students


If you’re planning to study in NRW but can’t get your head around all the details and specifications, here’s your chance to interact with experts from these Universities. Through a program dubbed “Studieren im Westen“, all Uniz from NRW have come together to interact with potential students online and answer their questions.The Facebook chats that run from 2-4pm on the Studieren im Westen Facebook page, started on the 28th of May and will be continuing until 2nd July.  The chats are offered in both English and German for the foreign students interested in joining these Uniz.

Topics discussed include:

  • Best study courses to choose
  • How to finance your studies
  • How to apply for courses
  • Requirements for the different courses

They will aim to answer all questions during the chat, but if they questions are too complex then an answer can be sent in later or an appointment arranged for a one on one session.

Each university is assigned a specific date, but that doesn’t mean only questions pertaining to this Uni should be asked. All questions are welcome. In urgent cases, the person asking the question may be referred to someone else for an answer. Upcoming dates and Uniz in-charge for each session are:

  • Tuesday, 11. June, Uni Düsseldorf;
  • Thursday, 13. June, Westfälische Hochschule;
  • Tuesday, 18. June, Uni Bonn;
  • Thursday, 20. June, Uni Bielefeld;
  • Tuesday, 25. June, Uni Münster;
  • Tuesday, 2. July, Fernuni Hagen.
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