How Much do Students Pay for Rent in German University Towns: Hostels vs Apartments


Depending on who you ask, the ranking of the most expensive University towns ranges. In this article, I share the figures from the Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Die Welt as delivered by the Studentenwerk.

What is clear is that rent in Germany is expensive, but who charges the highest is still a bone of contention. The prices are quite different when you compare the rent prices in hostels and those from apartments. Below are some of the comparisons.


Most Expensive University towns in Germany (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

This only shows the rent paid for a room in a shared apartment (WG).

Most expensive Uni Rent

Most and Least expensive University towns in Germany (Die Welt)

This shows rooms, apartments and even co-sharing(WG)

How much does rent in University towns cost

How much do students pay for rent in Student Hostels?

How much does rent in Student Hostels cost

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