Interpol Looking for Kenyan-Somali Teen Who Disappeared

Fadumo from Polling

The story is puzzling, how could a 13 year old disappear from the face of the earth without a trace for six weeks.

The young lady identified as Fadumo S. left her home in Polling in Tyrol, Austria on 16th February at around 10am on her way to school and never returned. Six weeks later, even Interpol has been asked to intervene and help locate the missing teen. On that fateful day, she left ther house dressed in jeans, a pullover and a black coat. She had a blue headscarf on and was carrying her school bag.

Her parents suspect that the young lady might have been homesick and decided to return to her grandmother in Kenya. The family has tried to contact the Kenyan officials to find out if the young lady entered the country but they have received no response todate.

Her cell phone doesn’t go through.

There are indications that she might have instead moved to acquaintances in Sweden but head of the criminal police was unable to verify this.

The young lady moved to Tyrol in Fall last year after her parents applied for asylum there. Their application was accepted and the parents moved with all six children to Polling.

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