Kenyan Starring in a Play in Bonn


A Kenyan will be starring in an English play to be staged in Bonn. The play promises laughter and will keep you at the edge of your seat. The group also welcomes volunteers who would like to help in this production or even join for future productions.

Michael Nyandieka
Michael Nyandieka

Below is the excerpt from their website.

A woman has been murdered in London. A young couple have started a guest house at Monkswell Manor, where 4 guests arrive, only to find themselves snowed-in. They read of the murder in the paper and, shortly after, are visited by the local Detective Sergeant, who tells of a murderer being loose in the area, heading to the Manor. Suddenly, one of the guests is murdered… the murderer is already among them!!

How will this story unfurl? Who is the murderer? You’ll have to book your tickets to find out.

  • Mollie Ralston: Tuija Rytkonen
  • Giles Ralston: Fergus Moloney
  • Christopher Wren: Chris Olmsted
  • Mrs. Boyle: Janine Lockwood
  • Major Metcalf: Peter Ferrow
  • Miss Casewell: Chris Weber
  • Mr Paravicini: Michael Nyandieka
  • Detective Sergeant Trotter: Philip Wharton

Backstage help is needed too!
As you all know, it takes a mighty team to put a production on the boards.

Contact: Chris Wilde ku.oc.oohay@1edliwsirhc to volunteer your services.

Check out their site here: Bonn Players

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