Kenyan Footballer Joins FC Köln

Doreen Nabwire

She was in Germany earlier this year to encourage young girls to play football. Now she’s back again but not as a visitor this time, but for a longer stay.

Doreen Nabwire, has gone full circle having started playing football in Mathare and now an internationally recognised player. 

She played for Werder Bremen for two seasons before returning to Kenya in 2011. In Kenya she played with various clubs and started the “Girls Unlimited”initiative to encourage young girls who love football.

She recently landed a deal in the second Bundesliga at FC Köln and returned to Germany on 7th of October 2013.  She will also be working with a youth organisation known as Rhein Flanke as a Sports for Social Change intern, “At Rhein Flanke, we educate the youth using sports to bring about social change and development; empowering young girls while encouraging them to participate in sporting events just like I do at home with Girls Unlimited.” she said.


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