Rich People Live Longer Than Poor People in Germany, and the Reasons Why


Poor people have big TV rich people have big library

The Max Planck Institute for demographic research recently released a report that showed that poor people died younger than rich people in Germany.

The report showed that poor women died on average at the age of 76.9 years and poor men died at 70.1 years while for the rich women it was 85.3 years and men was 80.9years. It was also noted that only 16.2% of the poor women got to the age of 65years of age to 22.5% of the rich women and 12.3% of poor men to 19.7% of the rich men.

Education, marriage and wealth showed to be key factors that reduced the probability of death. A Uni degree reduces your chances of death by 20.6%, a marriage reduces it by 25.5% and wealth reduced it by 50.4%. (I think we should get a degree and marry a rich man…. *wink *wink….reduces your chances of death by 96.5%… become immortal)

Rich People Live Longer in Germany

Below are the Seven reasons, according to the FAZ why rich people live longer than poor people in Germany:

  1. They have more friends. according to data from the Robert Koch Institute, poor people tend to have less friends than rich people. Having good friends not only make people happier but friends also help when one is sick.
  2. They have less to worry about: although many well paid managers have stress it doesn’t compare to the stress poor people have about money and finding a job.
  3. They eat healthier meals. Research has shown that healthier meals are not more expensive but definitely require more time to prepare compared to their unhealthy counterparts like McD and frozen ready made meals. This can be blamed on the level of education.
  4. They’re healthy. Being poor doesn’t make you sick but being sick does make you poor.
  5. They don’t as much smoke. Robert Koch Institute shows that rich people who earn more than 150% of the average income smoke 35% less than poor people who earn less than 60% of the average income.
  6. They exercise more. Rich people are double as active as poor people.
  7. They visit the doctor regularly. Although visiting the doctor isn’t necessarily a reason to live longer (Swedes live longer than Germans, yet Swedes visit the doctor on average only thrice a year and Germans 18times a year), poor people don’t visit the doctor enough.

Is it just me or do these sound almost like the reasons why poor people should live longer in Kenya? Poor Kenyans do have more friends, eat healthier and exercise more (in Europe it’s called exercise, in Kenya, ni kutarmac juu fare imepanda).

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