30% of People on Welfare are Foreigners – Academic Qualifications at Fault


First let me point out that anyone with “foreign” blood in Germany is a foreigner, as long as you aren’t 100% German you’re a foreigner even if you know no other home other than Germany.According to statistics released by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA), a third of all people living on welfare in Germany are foreigners or have foreign parents, what the Germans call “Migrationshintergrund” (Migration background). The numbers are worst in Hessen where 57% of the total living on welfare are foreigners, considerably bad are also Hamburg – 54.8% and NRW – 51%.

The BA assumes the reason for these numbers is lack of or inadequate qualifications which are the A and O of employment in Germany. Apparently 52% of the unemployed foreigners have no secondary school qualifications, which is a small margin to the 48% of the native population. While for the formal training in a profession the numbers are much worse with only 18% of the foreigners compared to 82% of the Germans who have trained in a profession.

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