New Flight Regulations for Flights From or to any EU Country

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Over booked Flight

If you show up at the airport on time but find that you can’t board the flight because it was overbooked, you are entitled to:

  • new tickets to the same destination at the next possible date or
  • a refund or
  • Food and refreshments
  • 2 free phone calls, fax or emails
  • Transfer to a hotel and/or
  • Stay in a hotel

Independent of the above, you are also entitled to a compensation of:

  • €250 for a distance of up to 1500 km,
  • €400 for distances above 1500 km
  • €600 for distances above 3500 km.


When a flight is cancelled then you are entitled to the same rights as those of an overbooked flight. Although the Airline reserves the right not to compensate the client when the cancellation was due to unavoidable circumstances. Technical problems don’t count as unavoidable but some natural catastrophes do.

The airline is also exempted from paying the compensation if the cancellation is announced ahead of time (at least 14days). If the cancellation is announced between 7 and 14days, then the replacement flight should have no more than 4hrs delay in getting to the destination. If the announcement is on a shorter notice, then the replacement flight shouldn’t have a delay of more than 2hrs.



In cases of delay, you are entitled to compensation as well for

  • 2hrs delay for a 1500km distance,
  • 3hrs delay for a distance of up to 3500km and
  • 4hrs delay for longer distances
  • For delays of more than 5hrs, you’re entitled to a refund of the complete flight ticket cost.

This only applies to avoidable circumstances.


If your ticket is downgraded from a higher class to a lower one, you’re entitled to a refund of 30% of the ticket cost for flights of up to 1500km, 50% for 3500km and 75% for more than 3500km.



The flight has to compensate the passengers for delayed, lost or damaged baggage. The appropriate compensation is regulated by the Montreal Agreement.


To make a claim

One has to:

  • Have flown from or landed at an EU airport
  • Have bought the ticket after 1st Nov 2013
  • Be an individual
  • The claim should not be more than €5000

The complainant has to get in touch with the airline first. If the airline doesn’t respond then the client can proceed to SÖP or to the courts for compensation.

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