Reasons Why Your Job Search in Germany Isn’t Bearing Fruits

Applying for Jobs in Germany

From the last report released by the job agency, they assumed that foreigners don’t get jobs in Germany simply because they don’t have the required qualifications. But an expert in this field has come up with other reasons why foreigners don’t get jobs in Germany. See them below and let me know whether to agree with them? Or what other reasons do you think apply?


1.  Employer has unearthly expectations

2. Discrimination. Women, foreigners and older people tend to be the “unwanted” employees in most jobs. You could solve this by excluding your picture and information about your age, nationality and marital status in your CV. (Here’s an example of a German CV with a few tips on how to write it correctly.)

3. There is no position. It was advertised but it doesn’t exist because:

  • They have already chosen a candidate and the ad was only for aesthetic value, to pretend that the selection process was transparent and followed correct procedure.
  • They are planning a restructuring or downsizing, so they use an ad to find out the expectations of potential employees. They use the received applications to research on the current market value, expectations and qualifications of potential employees.

4. You’re over qualified thus too expensive for the company and competition to the boss, who might not be as qualified.

5. You don’t fit into the current structure or team, you might be the best but you don’t suit the position or the position doesn’t suit you. This is dependent on so many factors, many of which aren’t rational.

6. Your IQ. Even if you leave out the many qualifications from your CV, if you answer the questions at the interview too intelligently or foolishly, it might cost you the job.

Applications have more to do with luck than with qualifications – Alev Dudek


Adapted from an article by Alev Dudek. Alev was born and raised in Germany, to Turkish parents. She immigrated to the United States in 1998 and returned to Germany in 2011. Alev is an avid runner and regularly participates in half -marathon and 10k races. Alev’s goal is to promote diversity, equal-opportunity, inclusion, freedom and democracy; discourage discrimination, social -, political tyranny, apathy and exclusion.

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