Earnings for 20 Most Popular Ausbildungen in 2015

Ausbildung Job Bayer

Different Ausbildungen earn differently and depending on whether you’re in East or West Germany, the earnings can be quite different. If you are wondering what some of the popular Ausbildungen will earn you, here’s what the top 20 earn.

2015 worth taking a double look at considering it was in this year that minimum wage was enforced.

However, Azubis in Eastern Germany continue to earn much less (on average €769) compared to their Western counterparts (on average €832).

The best paid Azubis are the brick layers in Western Germany earning €1057 and the Insurance and financial services salespeople in Eastern Germany earning €986. The worst paid in the whole country remain the hairdressers at €494 in the West and €269 in the East.

Below is the breakdown, click on the image for a larger image.

Ausbildung earnings 2015

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