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If there’s one thing I like about Germany is the fact that what is taught in schools, Universities, colleges and in apprenticeship programs is regularly reviewed and updated to suit the current needs in the market.

So this August, the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung BIBB) has updated 17 Ausbildungen professions, these are:

  • Automatenfachmann/frau

This 3 year Ausbildung has two divisions, namely: Machine Mechatronics and Machine Services. The Machine services module will be further divided into: Customer care and business processes. While the Mechatronics module will contain similar content as the same module for electricians.

  • Bergbautechnologe/in

This Ausbildung for those interested in working in the mining industry will now focus more on the new mining technology as well as introduction of occupational safety, health and environmental protection laws into the curriculum.

  • Betonfertigteilbauer/in

The demand for this Ausbildung to be modernised has become inevitable with the advancement of technology. In the industry it’s longer enough to create molds and shapes from wood and use them due to  introduction of reinforcement materials e.g. carbon fibres and the use of better surface treatment methods in the industry.

In addition to the modernisation of this Ausbildung comes the separation of it from the Betonstein- und Terrazzohersteller/in ausbildung that is now named, Werksteinhersteller/in.


  • Bogenmacher/in

This Ausbildung is being updated from its 1997 curriculum. The exams will remain the same, with the Zwischenprüfung and Gesellenprüfung. In the Zwischenprüfung the Azubi will be required to work on a paper, a discussion and drawing related to their work. While the final examination consists of the test areas “producing a ready to play bow”, “performing a sub operation”, “Engineering and Construction” and “Economic and Social Studies.


  • Fachkraft für Lederherstellung und Gerbereitechnik

This ausbildung will now use the latest methods used in the making of leather and tanning.


  • Geigenbauer/ Geigenbauerin

Unlike the old 1997 regulation, which provides 120 hours for the examination piece that requires students to produce a ready to play string instrument, the new regulation allows for 160 hours.


  • Gießereimechaniker/in

The new update will be working towards matching what Azubis learn to what is being done/used in the industry.


  • Holzmechaniker/in

This Ausbildung will now encompass it’s former sub-Ausbildungen.

  1. Assembly of interior fittings and components (Montieren von Innenausbauten und Bauelementen),
  2. manufacturing of components, packaging materials and wooden frames (Herstellen von Bauelementen, Holzpackmitteln und Rahmen),
  3. manufacture of furniture and interior parts (Herstellen von Möbeln und Innenausbauteilen)


  • Kerzenhersteller/in und Wachsbildner/in

With the automation of most process involved in the manufacture of wax and candles, the ausbildung will now seek to equally equip the Azubis with knowledge to be able to produce wax manually and be able to use the new machines being used.


  • Notarfachangestellte/r

In addition to the current training, the new Azubis will also be trained on being able to work with clients who don’t communicate in German.


  • Orthopädieschuhmacher/in



  • Patentanwaltsfachangestellte/r

Just as with the Notary assistants, the patent lawyer’s assistants will also be trained on working with clients who solely speak English with no knowledge of German. Of course among many other improvements to the Ausbildung itself.


  • Rechtsanwalts- und Notarfachangestellte/r



  • Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellte/r


  • Textil- und Modenäher/in

Instead of the two Ausbildungen: Modeschneider/in that took 3years and Modenäher/in that took 2years, the two have now been merged into the new Textil- und Modenäher/in. The new compressed Ausbildung will take 2years.


  • Textil- und Modeschneider/in

This also encompasses part of the above Ausbildung. It also includes the sub-ausbildungen: Schnitttechnik, Arbeitsvorbereitung und Qualitätsprüfung, Prototypen und Serienfertigung.


  • Werksteinhersteller/in formerly known as Betonstein- und Terrazzohersteller/in

Due to newer methods of manufacturing stones and even an increased variety of stones that can be manufactured, the former naming of the Ausbildung no longer matches the content. The new name, “Werksteinhersteller” now encompasses all types of stones.


For more information on the new ausbildungen, check out BiBB website.

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