New Aptitude Tests for Azubis Introduced

Duale Ausbildung

If you’re looking for an Ausbildung, you might be forced to take an aptitude test. But there’s nothing to worry about, the tests are valuable to you as an applicant and to the company as well.

The tests check on the applicant’s personality, character, potential as well as knowledge specific for that field.


Why you should take the test:

  • The test checks whether your personality matches the job. This helps you figure out whether that is the right ausbildung for you before investing 2-4 long years into it.
  • It gives the company confidence in your capabilities before you even start.
  • It motivates the applicant, as the tests not only focus on the school grades but on the applicant’s potential and personality as well.


How long does the test take?

2-3 hours. It can either be online or in paper form.







Kauffrau für Marketingkommunikation

Kauffrau für Marketingkommunikation


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