Mkenya Radio June 2014: The Role of our African culture in the Diaspora

Hope Theatre Nairobi in Bochum 5
Members of the Hope Theatre Nairobi performing a traditional song in Bochum

We had a discussion on the role of our traditions and culture in our lives in the diaspora. We spoke about how our traditions and culture influence our identity and that of our children who grow up here.

Listen to the conversation below:

  1. What is culture?
  2. What is tradition?
  3. Defending vs parading traditions
  4. Why is it important to know Kenyan history?
  5. What is identity
  6. Where is the role of our Kenyan culture in Germany? It plays the role of IDENTITY
  7. Role of Language in identity
  8. How do we achieve that balance?
  9. Why is identity important?
  10. Is that sort of identity any different whether one is growing up in Kenya or in the Diaspora?
  11. Where does my inspiration come from to stand so firm and strong as an African cultural Ambassador?
  12. What is my advise to other Kenyans/ Africans on the issue of identity and culture?


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