Deportation after 23yrs in Germany


The 53 year old woman is being threatened with deportation after living in Germany for over 23yrs. The woman who originally comes from Lebanon but has Turkish citizenship lives with her Stateless husband and two daughters, who all have “duldungen” (Tolerance visa). All their trials to apply for asylum in germany were denied.Her family moved from Lebanon to Turkey while she was only a child. In 1981 and 1987 she gave birth to her two daughters and moved with her family to Germany. Now 23 yrs later the immigration officials in Germany are fighting to send her back to Turkey without her family. Her family argues that she suffers heart problems but the immigration officials insisted that the report from the doctor they paid to examine her, showed she is able to travel with no issues whatsoever.

According to the German law, the Federal state should support families and ensure that families stay together but apparently the law applies to families living “legally” in Germany. And in this case, the whole family was in Germany illegally and were required to all leave, but for the time being they were working on deporting the mother first.

The Flüchtlingsrat and the woman’s lawyers tried to get a visa based on humanitarian grounds but that didn’t work. The Immigration office in broken was adamant and was ready to deport her.

On the day of her deportation, the immigration officials didn’t find her at her house and her family claimed they didn’t know her whereabouts. The immigration officials have set out an arrest warrant for her, while the Flüchtlingsrat and her lawyer work towards getting her a visa “before she’s found”.

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