How Immigrant Friendly, the Ausländerbehörde Really are

asylum seekers

Germany has been trying to change its immigration policies and becoming more friendly to migrants coming into the country. However, although the laws in Berlin might be migrant friendly, most workers at the local migration office (Ausländerbehörde) don’t seem to have read the memo or even heard about the new “policies” coming from Berlin.

ARD ran a week on tolerance where they handled the experiences of various groups of people living in Germany and how the society  treats them. In this episode, they spoke to Eritrean asylum seekers and even accompanied them to the local migration office.

The workers at the migration office were outright racist, worst still, seems the “manager” is even worse. And how do they tell someone they are “stupid”? How does anybody tell another adult they are stupid? Surely.

Finally, they use the usual slogan, “if you don’t like it, you have the option of leaving Germany”.

After the incident above and an uproar from all that watched it, the media house involved sent letters to the town seeking for answers on what would happen to the abusive manager at the immigration office.

You won’t believe that the guy is still in the office and no disciplinary measure was taken against him 🙁


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