German Man Arrested for Attacking 2 Kenyan Teenagers in Brandenburg


Two Kenyan teenagers encountered a mad racist man at the train station in Bernau (Barnim).

Early Saturday morning, while the two Kenyans, an 18 and 16 year old were going home, they encountered the 31 year old man who originally comes from Barmin. The German man on spotting them hurled insults at them and threatened to stab them with a knife he removed from his pocket. Scared, the two teens fled from the scene but the man wouldn’t give up and he ran after them as he continued abusing them and threatening them with violence. Luckily, the teens outran him.

The Kenyans reported to the police who later found the man in the city center.

By the time the police found him, he had hidden the knife in a bush. A breathalyser (alcoblow) test yielded a value of 3.18 pro mille (Allowed levels are 0.8 in Germany and 1.0 in Kenya).

Apparently the man is a most wanted criminal in Brandenburg and was put under police custody to prevent further crimes. He was charged with threatening and insulting the victims and violation of the Arms Act.

However, this wasn’t the only attack against Kenyans in Brandenburg this weekend, another 38 year old Kenyan was abused and insulted by a 25 year old man in Schwedt (Uckermark). The perpetrator showed the Kenyan the Hitler salute before making racist remarks. Later on the man attacked another foreigner, a Syrian, in a fast food restaurant and was shortly after apprehended by the police.

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