Kenyan Man on the Run Arrested in Düsseldorf


Wednesday morning saw a 30 year old Kenyan man arrested at the Düsseldorf Fernbahnhof.

The young man was found by the police at the train station but on being interrogated on his identity and residence situation, he gave contradictory information pushing the police to check him up. A call to the migration offices found that the man had no registered residence in Germany and had been living on the run.

Arrests warrants had been issued against the man from the district courts of Düsseldorf and Neuss.

In Düsseldorf he had been charged with 7 accounts of evading payment for services, he was sentenced to  pay a fine of €2300 or 220 days imprisonment. In February he had been charged in Neuss with abuse of emergency calls, he was sentenced to pay a fine of €350 or 35 days imprisonment.

Since the man couldn’t pay for the fine that amounted to €2650, he was arrested and put in prison in Düsseldorf.

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