Kenyan Woman in Court for Sexually Assaulting a German Pensioner

Jupp and Kenyan for assault in Köln
Photo credits: Hendrik Pusch

A Kenyan woman has found herself on the other side of law.

The 48 year old, lady from Köln-Mülheim whose real name wasn’t revealed but whom we’ll refer to as Saida for this report, was taken to the District Court of Cologne for allegedly assaulting a 74 year old, German pensioner, Jupp, from Köln Niehl.

The charges made against Saida by the prosecutor include: false imprisonment and grievous bodily harm.

The incident took place in July last year. The only thing both agree on, is that the pensioner visited the lady on that day, what actually happened in the lady’s home is still unclear.

According to Jupp’s recount of the incident, Saida lured him into her apartment in Köln-Mülheim under the pretense that she needed help with her television which wasn’t functioning. Saida allegedly asked for help at a pub in Köln where Jupp was and he offered to help fix her television.

They set up a date and Jupp went to Saida’s home. When he got there, the television was perfectly okay. As Jupp tried to check if the television might have other issues, the lady stripped naked. Shocked by the turn of events, Jupp tried to flee but the door was locked.

Angry that Jupp wasn’t interested, the lady freaked out. She pulled out his wallet from his pocket and hurled it into a corner of the apartment. Jupp threatened to call the police and that’s when she opened the door and let him out. “When the victim was standing at the doorway, on his way out, the accused pushed him,” it was stated in the statement issued to the police. Jupp fell down the stairs and got a minor head injury.

The trained locksmith only went to the police, two weeks after the incident. “I was initially very embarrassed.”, Jupp told the media.

Saida did not dispute the bizarre meeting in her apartment however, she denies Jupp’s recount of what actually transpired .

“My client disputes the allegations,” Saida’s lawyer told reporters outside the court room.

The trial continues and a ruling will be issued after both stories are investigated.

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