Kenyan Arrested in Fürstenwalde, Police Discover he’s Been on the Run


A 49 year old Kenyan man on Tuesday wrecked havoc in a shop in Fürstenwalde. The man, had gone to the shop on the Eisenbahnstrasse when he went on a rampage and began to make noise in the shop. When the owner tried to get him to leave, the man threatened the owner of the shop who called the police. Afraid of encountering the police, the Kenyan man ran off.

A whole hour later, the police had still not arrived and the Kenyan man returned carrying a brick which he threw against the shop display window. The shop owner called the police again, this time the Kenyan was sure they wouldn’t come and was in no hurry. Unfortunately for him, the police were actually just around the corner finishing up something. They got there before the Kenyan had time to strut his prowess at throwing stones.

The police actually found out that the man was actually a serial offender and a warrant for his arrest had been issued for theft in Frankfurt Oder  several times without them being able to locate him. The man has also been arrested several times for assault for being caught in fights in the area. He was arrested and will now have to be charged for all the various crimes at once.

Fürstenwalde, the “Kenyan University” or “Kambi” as some people call it, is home to one of the asylum homes (refugee camps) in Germany and is very popular with most Kenyan asylum seekers.

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