Mentioning Number of Ebay Reviews to Get a Job? Not a Good Idea

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Applying for a job is tiring enough, and sometimes you are left with no idea what else you need to add to your cover letter to stand out among the hundreds of applications that will be sent in for that job. Well, this applicant decided to use his reviews on Ebay to try and up his game. 

Unfortunately, the guy didn’t get the job. The HR manager did point out though that it wasn’t such a bright idea to mention how many positive reviews he had on Ebay.

Dear Mr.

we’d like to thank you for your application and your interest to become an employee at our company.

It wasn’t easy to choose from the numerous well qualified applicants. Unfortunately, we could only pick out candidates whose qualifications match the specifications of the job requirements.

We also admire your ambition to convince us of your qualities. Nevertheless, we’d recommend you avoid pointing out, your “98% positive Ebay reviews” in future applications, because first of all, it is unusual and secondly because it’s of little relevance in comparison to your education and professional qualities.

I wish you success and all the best in your career.

Applicant With Ebay Review


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