Threatened With Deportation, Sudanese Man Hijacks a Public Bus and Kills Three People


A Sudanese man has left the Norwegian community shocked. The 31 year old man believed to come from Southern Sudan decided to pass his frustrations on innocent travellers. The man stabbed the driver and two other passengers to death (a Swedish man and a 19year old girl).

The long distance, Valdresekspressen, bus that was supposed to be travelling from Ardal to Tyin, was found parked on the side of the street and most passersbys thought it was having technical issues. The drivers driving by noticed there must have been something wrong when they saw an African man come out of the bus holding a knife dripping with blood.

The fire fighters arrived at the scene of the crime before the police and held on to the man until the police arrived. The man was delivered to the hospital with minor injuries. The police could not confirm whether or not the man knew the victims before the incident.

According to the man’s file, he had been seeking asylum in Norway which had been denied and was supposed to be deported on Tuesday. His itinerary had already been planned, he was to travel to Oslo where he would board a flight back to his home country.

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