A Request to the Kenyan Postal Services

kenya post office dilapidated
A dilapidated Post Office in Nyasiongo

It is that time of the year again when our children, Siblings, relatives and friends are sitting their National examinations and need our support more than anything else. I have two beautiful nieces sitting their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations. I have watched them crawl, learn to talk and walk and now they are all grown and need my support and encouragement. But unfortunately I am not able to do that.

Why? you wonder what this has to do with the Kenya postal services?

It’s a long ugly history, the dressing on the wound needs an urgent change.

I sent my family post cards many times over in the last ten years but they never received them. If ever a card was received it is one out of twenty sent, so I simply stopped sending them.

Photographs of my children sent to my Father never get to him, there must be 40ft containers standing the yards of the over 800 post offices in Kenya. Standard dustbins wouldn’t take up all the wasted mails; or is it possible that the employees take them home with them? But what would they do with post cards, success cards, and photographs from strangers? Light Jikos with them or simplify decorate their walls?

Five years ago my twin nephews were sitting their KSCE in different schools, I sent each of them two success cards, but only one of them received one card.

Two years ago I sent my niece eight cards, she received only three, these are just examples..

24 hour Ultimatum:

Sir, Postmaster General, this is not a threat, it’s a humble request and I am counting on your goodwill to carry it out on my behalf as a sign of cleaning house.

1.My niece Mercy Kendi Muriithi is in Limuru Girls, (Chocs) the ones who wear chocolate brown school uniform. I am sure you know its one of the top performing schools in Kenya, for the crème de la crème in academics.

Won’t you kindly buy her a melody success card and drop it in person or at least send a trusted courier and apologise that I couldn’t send her a card from Germany because the chances that she will not get it are very high and that you are busy cleaning house and you promise the current form three students that next year they will all receive their success cards sent from any corner of this world.. I really appreciate in advance.

2. My other niece Sharon Kathomi Gitonga is in Chuka girls, some two kilometres from Chuka town. Its another one of those best schools in Meru. A melody success card for Kathomi as well please and remember to promise the current form three students that next year the post office will carry out its duties to the letter.

Once you get to Chuka town, you will see a board for directions or simply ask, the Meru people are very friendly and hospitable.

While you are in Chuka, kindly stop by at Kathituni boarding primary school and deliver a message to Mrs Nyaga the current school principle. That I have not forgotten to send her the photographs we took and you are working on a system that ensures all mail sent via the Kenya post office will get to its destination. Also wish success to the KCPE pupils on my behalf and those in standard seven now will surely receive a success card from me next year.

3. From there on return to Chuka town and please drive towards Meru town, once you pass Ndagani- the town housing Chuka university, you have to be very alert on the road. The notorious Miraa pickup vehicles negotiate corners at 280 kph . If they are on your lane, please drive into the nearest bush( it’s a very dangerous and disturbing issue, and I hope to dialogue with the ministry of transport and the traffic police soon). For now, stay safe and watch the road. Once you cross the Tungu bridge you will come to Giampampo stage, there is a roadside market place and they sell very fresh farm products, most are organic and No, they are not imports from China.

Take the rough road in direction of St. Augustine’s secondary school, its about 2 kilometres, once you get to the school, Mr Njeru the school principal will welcome you and kindly let him know you have a message from me for his KCSE students. Wish them success  and promise the form three students that next year, they will receive my card to them. Ruguta primary school is just a stone throw away. By now you are familiar with the procedure and I thank you very much for that.

4. Now this the best part of  the journey, once you drive out of the school compound, turn to your right, some 150 meters and you will come to a forked junction, there is a village shop there and you can ask them to confirm if you are on the right track/road to Njeru wa Kathiga’s home. Some people will call him Salesio for Salesius, others will call him Salusi  for either Charles or Salesius. Nevertheless they will show you the way or someone may even offer to accompany you and bring you home. Did I mention that is my father?  Apologies Sir, you will be headed to my childhood home. By now you have noticed the beauty of nature here, it’s the foothills of Mt. Kenya and this region is right close up to the line of the Equator and sits at about 2000 metres above the sea-level.

My father will receive you warmly and yes he can speak in very good English, so no worries.

My sister Silvia Kagendo ( the one who the Germany Embassy denied a visa to come and visit us and her son, Muthomi who is an Engineer student here in Germany. ) She will prepare you some great refreshments.

My Father is 85 years old but very energetic and fit, he will make sure you are refreshed with Uji, we call  it Ushuru ,(traditionally made and fermented) and there will be a nice cup of tea as well. Just relax and don’t be in a hurry to deliver my message.

Once you have rested, then you can get into matters of mind and heart and tell of your mission, he might show you around his farm at this point.

Kindly apologise for the fact that we shall not send him a Christmas card this year just like all the previous years and we definitely can’t send him photographs of his grandchildren either. But he will really be happy to learn that your goodwill mission is part of the cleaning house process.

The bananas and fresh vegetables and fruits he will give you are not for sale, we always give send off gifts to all our guests.

I truly thank you Sir Postmaster General and all your employees for your great and immediate action on CLEANING HOUSE!

NB: Kindly let me know the reaction of the surprise visits to my beloved people.

I remain deeply indebted to your quick action on this matter.


Yours truly

Kawira Njeru- Germany

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