Africans and Arabs, Please Refrain from Replying to this Ad

WG Gesucht

Recently three students of the Goethe University, who were looking for a flat mate placed an ad on the WG- suche website for a flat share in Bockenheim, Frankfurt am Main. In the ad the apartment is described as beautiful, with laminate flooring, central heating with poor parking facilities. The ad further explained that the rent is cheap because the landlord is related to one of the tenants in the flat share. Lukas who put up the ad says that they are looking for someone with whom they can cook and get drunk together. 

He goes ahead and adds that “These are our expectations for our future flatmate. Since we have in the past had problems with Africans and Arabs, we would request them not to respond to this advert. We are looking to rent for a longterm, because this will ensure that the person who lives here will handle the property and utensils with care. Other than this you should also fit in culturally with us and respect the European values. It doesn’t matter if you are Spanish, Italian, English or German. We would request Africans and Arabs to refrain from responding to this ad.”

Furthermore your subjects of study/ profession should match ours. We are not looking for political scientists or otherwise left –winged students, whose training requires no effort with which they will later use to con people for a living.

So if you speak English, are a vegetarian, right- winged and a non-smoker, who is not studying political science and respects property like you would the European values then you’re the prefect candidate .

Unfortunately this advert has since been deleted from the website.

It’s sad to find out that even the “educated” who are supposed to be the level headed amongst us, still operate on the same discriminatory tendencies.

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