How Best to Exploit Renewable Energy Sources – Kenyan Delegation Visiting Germany

Kenyan Delegation in Zilly and Dardesheim

A delegation of Kenyans from the Energy sector are currently in Germany before they proceed to Denmark with the single objective to learn from various best practices in the two countries. Their first stop was Zilly and Dardesheim where they visited biogas plants and a wind farm. 

The biogas plant in Zilly is definitely a great example to learn from. Built in 2005 within a farm, it uses cow dung and maize waste from the farm to produce heat, energy and helps earn some money. The plant plans to make even more money this coming Fall by supplying heat to Wasserburg in Zilly. There’s currently a biogas plant in Kenya that was built using support from the Germans.

Although only 30% of the country’s population in Kenya is connected to the electrical grid, Kenya is definitely a leader when it comes to use of renewable energy with 50% of the electricity generated from water and the country having set up a solar panel factory.

The team will be proceeding to Denmark to also visit various wind farms and pick some lessons they can implement back home. The team included people from the Ministry of Energy, and the private sector.

Currently Kenya generates 1.7GW for 40million while Germany generates 170GW for 80million. Vision2030 aims to reach 15GW.

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