Foreigners getting paid at least 30% less than German natives


A recent report from the Institute for Job Market and Career Research (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt und Berüfforschung, IAB) has revealed that foreigners in Germany tend to earn at least 30% less than their German counterparts in the same profession in the same company.

Some of the reasons given by the paper released by IAB on Wednesday are: lack of German proficiency and foreign qualifications not being considered as good as their German equivalents. The report also pointed out that poor German skills and lack of recognition of foreign qualifications led foreigners to apply for low paying jobs when they moved to Germany.
Those interviewed were found to earn 64% when they started but rose to 74% after a few years of experience; unfortunately they never got to earn the same as their German counterparts.

An exception to this was found for American, British, Austrian and dutch experts who moved to Germany with better qualifications; as they earned higher than the Germans from the time they moved here.

Read the report here: Der Herkunftsland ist von hoher Bedeutung

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