Kenyan Motivational Speaker Launches Book on Autism

Amina Athman Gonschior (2)

Amina Athman was born in Nairobi, Kenya where she grew up and got her early education. It would seem that her passion for helping others started in her childhood as her biggest dream growing up was to become a doctor. By a twist of fate Amina ended up in a technical career.

In 2006, Amina made some radical changes in her life which saw her relocate from her home in Kenya to Germany where she now lives with her children. She maintains a very strong connection with her family back home and attributes her achievements to them. Growing up in Africa in a family of seven girls and raised by their mother singlehandedly, Amina has had to learn the mastery of overcoming life challenges. A single parent herself, she takes great pride in her four sons and gives credit to her loving mother who has always been her source of strength and courage.

On moving to Würzburg, she could hardly get a job in the same field she had worked in in Kenya. Having worked with then Kenya Post and Telecommunications company before moving to the biggest cell services provider, Safaricom, Amina was good at her job, but her qualifications weren’t recognised by most employers in the Würzburg area. “As an African in Germany, you have only one career choice, to become a cleaner”, a fellow Kenyan advised.

Your Success Your Responsibility Amina Athman Gonschior

Her motto being never to give up, she changed her strategy and did something else. She trained to become a motivational speaker and teacher. This led to her first book, “My success, my responsibility,”, published in May 2014.

The mother of four was then pushed to writing. Apart from being an amazing author, speaker and teacher, Amina has a secret passion….autism. Her son was diagnosed with autism at a very young age and declared “non-verbal”, with the same quest to reach out for more. She took on the challenge and was able to coax the very first word from her son. That was 9 years ago.Break Through Autism Amina Athman Gonschior

Early this year, she published her second book aimed at parents with autistic children. The book titled, “Break through Autism”, teaches parents to connect and engage better with their autistic youngsters to help improve their communication and social skills. “The purpose is to help you, help your child.”, Amina says in one of her Facebook posts.

Amina is passionate about helping guide others to live their maximum potential.

If you’d like to buy her books you can find them on Amazon and you can get in touch with her via her website or on her Facebook page.

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