Of Kenyan Girls and Their Online Love Searches

Kenyan Woman Online Love Search

So here I am searching the net trying to find a place I can buy a nice sewing machine at a reasonable price (that’s another very long story). But you know, sometimes you are looking for something and you’re still not sure if you want to dish out the money and buy a brand new one or just get a second hand one which you won’t feel bad about dashing when you get bored.

Anyhu, back to my story. I’m scrolling, reading reviews etc, then guess what I find katika pilka pilka za shopping. A pic of a very beautiful Kenyan girl, “searching for love”.

I give the girl points because her write up was done very well and she picked some very nice pics to use online but shida ni, this isn’t a dating site.

Just like there are different buildings for different activities there are also different website for different activities. A dating site will usually bring together people looking for love while a shopping site brings together people looking to buy and/or sell stuff. I know in Kenya it’s perfectly normal to have preachers preaching in markets and people selling wares in churches but that doesn’t always mean what they are doing is ok.

My biggest issue with the Kenyan girl was the fact that she is in Kenya and had done the posting under the influence of her sister who is in Germany. Why as a Kenyan living here would you be allowing your sister to post her pictures on such a site? If it’s someone from Kenya who was completely clueless about what she was doing I’d understand but to have your sister even do your write up and post your pics on such a site.

I think I’m yet to understand how some people relate with their relatives. I would expect people to guide and guard their family. How do you lead your own relative down a road you know isn’t right and could harm them? I wonder what kind of people would knowingly harm their own siblings. If you’re so heartless with people you share blood with, what wouldn’t you do to those you share “nothing”?

As for this young lady, what happens when you apply for a job and the HR manager tries to do a google search on your name?

  • In Kenya: most probably they won’t hire you because they aren’t sure if you’ll stay at their organisation once your love search bares fruit
  • In Germany and if you have travelling as your hobby (like most Kenyans). Most HR managers will wonder when you’ll want to travel further or if you’re currently looking for another. Trying to find a new employee isn’t always fun.

I’d suggest you listen to the words of the West during the elections, Choices have Consequences. Choosing to post your love search in a market does more harm than good for your job chances both back at home and here.

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