Somali Pirate Falls For an Online Scam That Leads to his Arrest


A Somali pirate, Mohammed Abdi Hassan, also known to many as Afweyne or Big Mouth fell for an online scam that was used by the Belgian Police to lure him out of his hiding spot. The Belgian police promised Big Mouth that he would get a film contract to star in the American Blockburster, “Captain Phillips”, a movie about an American freighter captain who was rescued from Somali pirates by U.S. special forces.

Big Mouth was arrested at the Belgian airport immediately his flight from Nairobi arrived. The police knew it would be difficult to arrest him in Somalia. His accomplice, Mohamed Aden Tiiceey, who had accompanied him was also arrested.

I guess most people will read this story and think of the foolish pirate but for me what stuck out is that he booked a flight and flew from NAIROBI without our security forces even noticing there was a pirate in the country. I hope he wasn’t using a Kenyan passport and how did he get the visa?

On the other hand, it always amazes me that these pirates with their simple wooden boats they can hijack a whole warship. The kind of world we live in lakini.

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