German Finds Love at the Heart of Samburu

Maasai with a white bride

This is a new series on Citizen TV Kenya that shows old caucasian women who move to Kenya and marry young men. Unlike the movie that was released last year, Paradise Love (click on name to watch it, you can also read Paradies Liebe: Movie about Sugar Mamas in Mombasa or Show me Your Spear- What young Kenyans think of the European Sugar Mamas) that also tried to discuss the same issue.I find that Citizen TV Kenya approached the issue in a more respectful way in that although they expose the issue and the problems with it, they still respect the other Samburu/Kenyan men and caucasian women who don’t indulge in the same. I have an issue with this habit of people trying to tell the world that the maasai or the samburus who have tried to keep their culture are in some way backward or stupid because they haven’t followed blindly the white ways like most of us.

What do you guys think of the couple? Does this story remind you of White Maasai in any way?

The German woman who is in her 70s says she won’t allow the guy to marry another woman while the Samburu guy who is in his 40s says he wants children and he married the German woman because she has money.

Should such stuff (money, age, kids) be the basis of a marriage?

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