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I came across this video, it’s from a tv show that airs in Kenya and I thought some of the potential investors would be interested in the info shared. Many of us, believe in owning homes but considering the issues of financing shadow projects; many opt out. I’ve heard some people complain they have money, want a home but don’t know how to get one.  You can also read on How to buy Property in Kenya the Right way. So here’s an excerpt from their website and lower still, a video. Enjoy…

Kenya is listed as having one of the best performing prime residential property markets in the world and offers a wealth of locations to choose a home from. According to a 2011 global survey on property markets, Nairobi and Mombasa are one of the best-performing property markets in the world, listed at no 1 and 2 respectively globally.

The country offers a safe haven in which to either build, or buy one’s own home. This, along with availability of good constructors, building materials, and a consumer market willing to spend on acquiring homes has resulted in a booming property market.

With market prices in Kenya at an all time high (on average, the value for a property is now Shs. 24.1 million up from Shs. 7.1 million 10 years ago), consumers are faced with various aspects to consider before making a commitment on buying or building a house, the main being, can I afford to own a home?

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Imagine if you lived in a place where the cool breeze caresses your face as you stare at the lush green landscape,

where birds sing as you walk by,
where you can fish by the lake,
where your neighbours share your lifestyle dreams,
where your kids can play outdoors safely,
in the green grass, in the parks?

Imagine no more.

Join this great community.

Check out their site: migaa.com


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