Three Weddings, One Marriage – Kenyan Gets Married For the Third Time To The Same Man

Joyce und Andrej Hermlin2

They met in June 1998, Joyce was in Berlin visiting her sister. Andrej and his band were performing at the Eierschale (Egg Shell) Hotel in Berlin. After the performance he met Joyce, and it was love at first sight.They spoke that whole night and went for a walk at the Tiergarten (Animal Garden) the next day. Andreas knew she was the one. “When I saw Joyce, I knew I wouldn’t be able to live without her”.

Joyce und Andrej Hermlin

In 2001, they got married for the first time. In 2006, they had a second wedding in Kenya. Last week, they renewed their vows this time at the Eierschale where they had met. This time in front of an American Pastor and close to 150 guests, with their three wedding rings. The romantic moment was crowned with a performance by their 12 year old son who sang, “I will always love you”.

After 15years and two children, this was an beautiful moment. We wish them all the happiness and luck for the future.

Incase, you’re interested in dropping by the Eierschale…..check this out:

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