Understanding the Concept of a German Ausbildung – Vocational Training

Duale Ausbildung

I have written numerous articles on Ausbildung and I use the word quite often but what does it mean and what does an Ausbildung entail?

An ausbildung is a form of vocational training or apprenticeship where a student attends school and works simultaneously. The student gains both theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time. For some you get paid during your training, what they call the Duale Ausbildung (Read: Ausbildungen, Earnings and Duration) while for others you don’t get paid despite working and studying, these are called the schulische Ausbildungen. The training usually starts on September 1st of every year. Applicants should have applied to the companies that are certified by the IHK (Industrie und Handelskammer) to train Azubis (students), early enough to secure a place.

Below is a short video that explains in details what an ausbildung is all about.

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