Ausbildung: Konditor/in



Konditor ausbildung entails not only baking cakes but also making pralines, confectionaries, other kinds of desserts and starters for meals. An azubi learns how to decorate their creations as well as how to advice clients and sell their products.

Below is a video on an Azubi who is doing the Ausbildung. What makes this video special though is that, the Azubi is a part time azubi. She’s a new mom, and is doing the ausbildung while taking care of her baby.

  1. Ausbildungsjahr: 271-363 Euro
  2. Ausbildungsjahr: 307-409 Euro
  3. Ausbildungsjahr: 360-481 Euro

For the graduates, the start up salary is: 1200 bis 1600 Euro (Brutto)

You can compare the duration and earning with other ausbildungen or check the ausbildung ranking.

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