German Ausbildung and Exchange Program at the Kenyan Coast

Küchenchef Thomas Fritz, Sebastian Schulte, Joseph Ndunda, Restaurantleiterin Heike Rohr und Hotelchef Michael Kaiser
Chef Thomas Fritz, Sebastian Schulte, Joseph Ndunda, Restaurant Manager Heike Rohr und Hotel Manager Michael Kaiser

Severin Touristik GmbH, a company based in Germany with hotels in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar, has come up with a new strategy to improve the quality of the employees at their hotels.

The newest idea is where they have an employee from the Kenyan hotel visiting Germany for some time and a German employee doing the same. The first to enjoy the new exchange program is Joseph Ndunda, a Food and Beverage manager from one of the hotels on the Kenyan Coast. Joseph will be in Germany for two months to improve his German and his management skills. The German employees who go to East Africa also get a chance to improve their cooking skills for African dishes and their Swahili skills as well.

A new program coming up in 2014 is the Berufsbildungschule to be built on the hotel compound in Mombasa. The Ausbildung offered at the hostel will use a syllabus from the IHK Arnsberg (Chamber of Commerce in Arnsberg). They will offer vocational training in 5 handcraft professions and in 5 hotel professions as well.

They also plan to build a desalination plant to help the people in Mombasa access clean drinking water.

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