The German Embassy in Nairobi, Au Pair Visas and Appointments

Doris AlushulaI recently got a message complaining about the German Embassy in Nairobi. I spoke to the Embassy some time ago, read Interview with the German Embassy in Nairobi. I know au pairs who’ve applied for visas this year and they got appointments and came to Germany, so I still believe what the Embassy said but the writer of this message seems to disagree with the whole interview.

What do you guys think? Anyone applied for au pair visa recently? What have your experiences?

A relative was kind enough to find an amazing Gast Family, I call the gast family amazing because we have been skyping ever since and I have talked to their current aupair, who is about to leave, because her year is almost over and mine is about to begin. To cut the story short, it’s an amazing family, practising Medicine. Here is where the story begins.

My gast family sent me my Vetrag and the required documents last week on Monday. They are aware that the age was changed to 26 & were equally surprised to not find the information updated on the Kenia Botschaft Embassy. Why? It’s been 4 months since the law was changed!?.

Anyway my Host mum still determined and sure that it was probably a “technical forgotten error” that makes no sense at all, asked that I book a termin. Termins of all other visas were available except for Aupair. She then realised that the online system booking for the aupair visas was strange. It’s written “appointment already taken” even on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. It looked somewhat non-functional. She asked that I do my research which I did, and did well.

After a few calls here and there and talking to people who have been in my situation before. Well it turns out that the Aupair visa termin is a business. A booming one at that. It involves some staff members and agents. They charge you a whopping 20,000 for just a termin. A termin that you are not even sure that you’ll get a visa. Once you pay, it is sent to your email.

We are still in shock and maybe a bit desperate too. We still have not yet decided if we will pay. We might have too! It’s sad to write this but the German embassy in Kenya is a nightmare to many. I do not mind you publishing the story, my cousin and I actually would like you to publish the experience.
Ps: Check the Botschaft link yourself and you might see what I’m talking about.

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