IHK Essen Assisting Foreigners to Find an Ausbildung

Strathmore Uni and FH Burgenland

The IHK in Essen has started a program they call, “Matching”.

The program aims at bringing together potential Azubis with potential employers. The idea is for potential Azubis who plan to start an Ausbildung this year, getting in touch with the IHK who then match them with companies who are still looking for Azubis.

So may take part? Potential Azubis who:

  • have already narrowed in on their job choices
  • know their strengths and weaknesses
  • Team player with good social skills
  • good grades in German and Mathematics

The IHK aims to bring together potential Azubis and businesses to a mutual agreement and advantage. The IHK will interview the individual and if you qualify, they will then match your CV to a job. They will support you until you sign your contract and start the Ausbildung.

The program is FREE, all you need to do is call the IHK.

Contact Person:

Eva Wilmsmann
Tel: 0201 1892318
Fax: 0201 1892-172


If you’re not in Essen but still looking for an Ausbildung, the IHK in Köln/Bonn and that of Erfurt are offering Hotlines. Check the numbers below or check the banners on the left and right columns on the Mkenya homepage:


o361 3484 278


Köln/Bonn (Available until 29th August)

0228 2284 800


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