Seven years of slavery, One day of freedom – The Sequel to the book Demonising Kenyan Women

Mein Leben weggeworfen wegen einer Frau aus Kenia

I finally got around to reading the excerpts of the book on Kenyan Women (read: German writes Book Demonising Kenyan Women) and the book is more saddening than enlightening.

First of all, I think Ulf  (author of the book) is just heart broken and isn’t sure where to run to with his broken heart. You can’t demonise over 20million KENYAN women because you were heartbroken by a UGANDAN you met in Mombasa. Imagine all this drama and the chick isn’t even Kenyan to begin with…

Secondly, “Choices have consequences”. You left your German wife and kids to run after women in clubs in Mombasa, I’m sorry but you’re only reaping what you sowed. According to your own submission, your German wife was an amazing woman who worked hard for her family and you broke her heart to run after what you fondly call “Malaya”. Well, selber schuld. The religious call it God, the others call it Karma – what goes around, comes around my friend.

Thirdly, you can NEVER change an adult. The only time you can change a human being is when they are in diapers. The fact that this lady was terrible at business, or used to lie, those are things you would have noticed back then when you were dating. You sending money through Western Union wasn’t guarantee that she’d do your every bidding. I’d also suggest you learn that people have different ways of approaching the same tasks, trying to convert this Ugandan into a German was just the beginning of disaster. Being a multicultural couple means that each culture is equally represented, what you were trying to have was a German couple with a Ugandan…..evidently impossible.

You’re very naïve for your age, I’m sorry but it’s true. You meet a Kenyan lady during your flight to Mombasa who apparently tries to convince you that she’s protecting you with information against your girlfriend before she points out she’s also looking for a German husband….and you think she was just “warning” you. Beware of Kenyan girls who go around bad mouthing fellow Kenyans. I would have thought you had learnt your lesson after your saga with Cecilia, but evidently not. Before you take up another Kenyan, take some time and learn from ALL your mistakes so far. You could start by apologizing to your German wife, she might have moved on but the fact that you hurt her, no wonder you’re still having issues. Man up my friend.

Lastly, your soon to be ex-wife plans to write a book, will be in stores soon: “Seven years of Slavery, One Day of Freedom”. Here’s what the books plans to discuss:

The life of a Ugandan lady who met a tourist in Kenya promising gold, only to move to Germany with him, give birth to his two children that he never wanted in the first place and having to go out to have to work as a cleaner barely two weeks after giving birth to sustain the whole family. Only for the tables to turn when I became the wiser: started my own business and kicked him out from running the online shop when I noticed he was just waiting for me to work and he uses the money.

Your soon to be exwife has a very nice shop, I must say: Safari Afro-shop

I’ve said this once before, using people as a means to an end never ends well (Getting for Married for Makara might cost you your sanity and Aufenthaltstitel, Ausbildung, Marriage and Children). Let’s all learn to USE THINGS and LOVE PEOPLE instead of love things and use people.

Anyhu, seems both of you feel misused by the other…hiyo ni mambo yenu, just don’t go involving all 40million Kenyans or the over 7billion Africans in the world just because the two of you can’t come to an agreement. Not all Germans are like you Ulf and neither are all Africans like Lisa (Thank God). Get over it.

A message to Ulf from one of the readers: “…My message is not all kenyan women are sex workers you married your class and taste, dont bundle innocent women in your frustrations now…”

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