Man Believed to be Kenyan Shot Dead by Police for Attacking Wife With a Panga


A man who is believed to have been Kenyan was yesterday shot dead at his home by the police in Köln-Hürth.

According to the report released by the police to newsrooms this morning, the police had been called in by neighbours after noise was heard coming from the man’s house. The man had decided to attack his wife with a panga (some reports say “big knife”).

When the police got there, the situation escalated and the man tried to attack them with a panga. The same panga the man had used to batter his wife. One policeman afraid for his own safety, took out his gun and shot the man several times.

An ambulance and a doctor were called to the scene, it was too late for the man who was pronounced dead while the wife was delivered to hospital for check-up.

An investigation has been started to find out, why the situation escalated to the point of the man having to be shot.

This is not the first time an African is being shot dead by police on allegations of attacking the police with a panga (huge knife). One such case was in Köln where a woman was shot by the police in her ex husband’s home for attacking police with a butter knife. The most famous is that of a Nigerian woman, Christy Omorodion Schnudeck, who was shot at close range by the police at the job center. Apparently, she too was carrying a panga in her handbag.

My question is, where do these Africans find these pangas or HUGE knives? With the kind of regulations set in Germany, it’s such a tedious and long process to get some of these things but apparently Africans seem to be walking freely with weapons in their handbags.

A panga (“machete”) in Germany is considered a weapon (apart from when used for some Ausbildung e.g. gardening, then it is a tool). You can only buy one when older than 18years of age, and in some cases might even need a “Waffenbesitzkarte” (Weapon Ownership Card) in order to own one. If police find you carrying one then you’re liable to pay a fine. How it is that it seems Africans carry such things in their handbag or even own them without any legal authorisation is beyond me. And if so many Africans own or even carry around pangas, how come there isn’t a single case of an African being taken to court for posession? Or is it only dead Africans who own such items?????? I don’t buy this Africans carrying pangas stories, they better come up with a new one.

I thought police are only allowed to shoot to weaken the suspect and not to kill. How come this guy died on the spot? They should have shot his leg or arm. A panga isn’t a bullet, so either way two policemen are stronger than one man anyday ama? I don’t find this fair and the sad part is this will be swept under the carpet like all other cases.

I know some will be like but he beat his wife, true and he deserves to be jailed for that but at the same time he’s someone’s son and his life is as precious as any other.

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