Kenyan Woman Murdered by Kenyan Lover in Erfurt

A 29 year old Kenyan woman and mother of two was on Thursday morning stabbed to death by her 28 year old Kenyan lover in their home in Wiesenhügel, in the city of Erfurt located in central Germany.

The lady identified as Belinda A. and the man identified as N. N. had been living together as a couple and even working together as business partners.

Police were called in at around 8am on Thursday morning by neighbours who heard the screams of the Kenyan lady, coming from the fifth floor of the apartment building. On arrival, the police found the lady lying lifeless in the living room with her body full of stab wounds and her blood spread all over the living room and the balcony.

When the police and the ambulance arrived, the lady had lost too much blood and had already passed on. The medics could only pronounce her dead. An autopsy was to be done on Friday to confirm the exact cause of death.

Police apartment building
The apartment building where the couple lived until the tragic accident, blocked by the police.

According to the prosector, N. on Friday confessed to the police that, he and Belinda had been having relationship issues for the last couple of months. He also confessed to killing her by stabbing her several times during an argument.

The couple had been living in the building with their children for a long time and had been together for the past 6 years, but were not married.

“My girlfriend of 5 years also a Kenyan and mother to my two lovely boys has been instrumental and supportive along this course,” N. told Mkenya Ujerumani during an interview last year on his relationship with Belinda.

The Belinda leaves behind two sons aged 2 and 6. Whether the man is also the father to both children or at least the youngest is still unclear. The two children were taken in by the Children’s Welfare Services (Jugendamt).

The N. was arrested at the scene of the crime and brought before the custodial judge on Thursday evening where an arrest warrant for manslaughter was issued.

The couple is actually well known within the Kenyan community having launched a calling platform for Kenyans to call home at lower rates. We wrote about them when their company launched at: Kenyan couple in Jena brings you closer to relatives back home with their voip call service. The company however later failed when Safaricom blocked VOIP calls.

“We’ll love to be covered at a later article on Mkenya Ujerumani giving hope and encouragement to the whole Kenyan community that every dream of making it in Germany is possible,” N. promised. The Mkenya Ujerumani team is deeply saddened to be featuring them in an article like this. We pray for the children left behind and family, that they may find strength to go through this.

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